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British sports cars


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Primarily of the 50s/60s, I'm referring to.  When I were a lad (late 70s/early 80s), I was quite into Triumphs, and had loads of mates with MGs, Austin Healeys, etc.  They were cheap as chips over here back then.  I had a couple of Spitfires ... GT6s ... a TR3 ... a TR6.  After 20+ years of Mazda MX5s, I decided to return to the real thing, and have spent the last few years toying with this:  


... a '64 Mk1 Spitfire.  Very much like the green Mk2 of my youth.  

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone amongst the OO crowd (being British, and all) was/is into these things at all.  I know more of them came over here than stayed home, but surely there are still enthusiasts about over there.  It's odd (or maybe not), but as much time as I've spent over there, and chatting amongst those over there, I can't recall ever speaking with any Britons who are into the (then, anyway) cheap British classics.  

Anyone here have - or had - one? 

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I was never really into classic cars, but certainly can appreciate them. One of my mates was into Mini's, and he had a Mini 'pickup' which he spent a fortune on but never finished. He offered it me, but I didn't have anywhere to store it.... I wish I'd have found one now as it would be worth a fortune!

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