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Decision on Hunt and Galvin’s short term future…

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As per this article…

said: "I wanted to see him. He came out to Portugal along with Ryan Galvin and I think that's important for them.

"As pre-season has gone on, he's been getting stronger has Hunty, which has been good to see really. It's a big year for him in terms of his career, so I brought him and Ryan Galvin out to have a really good look at them.

"We've had a look and in the couple of games we've got coming up and they'll be really tested in those. I wanted to bring Alex back in because he went out on loan last season and had a taste of it.

"I said to the chairman 'Before we decide anything with them, I need to see them and the level they're at.' They are two players that have gone 12 months on in their development; they're a lot stronger now and they're working with the group.

“As pre-season has gone on they've been getting stronger and stronger with what they're doing and the next couple of games will put them to the test really against good opposition. It'll help me as a manager to see where the team is at."


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Interesting you say that Liam as I thought something similar. I really can’t see Hunt getting a chance other than in the League cup or the Pizza trophy now, we’re so stacked centrally, and with us being said to be close to getting Bakinson too.. it wouldn’t make sense to keep Hunt. 

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