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Six figure fee for one season of shirt sponsorship

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The Star understands that the deal struck between the two parties is a ‘significant’ six-figure deal that currently runs for one year, though extension of the partnership and any possible future opportunities have already been discussed between the two parties.


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5 minutes ago, lobster said:

I am dubious given that the last set of accounts filed related to Dec 2020 the company was only worth £ 29k

Fairly new company and figures during that time be massively squeezed by COVID considering the nature of the business.


Or DC has invested in the company and they've effectively given the money back to Wednesday and said here's a season of free advertising all over the ground and shirts/TV 

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37 minutes ago, Neville Facking Bartos said:

Is it just Wednesday fans that ,do this kinda stuff all the time? I find it weird as fuck 

That's only the balance sheet value there isn't anything at Co House showing turnover.

I only looked cos I'm a nosy accountant.

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56 minutes ago, EpworthOwl said:

So a company wants to give us a "significant six figure fee" and everyone wants to give them nothing back. Its not how marketing works boys. Wear it with pride (Says Eppers who's mate has a property on with Host and Stay 🙂

I understand that mate. Completely, and fully expect it won't be available sponsor less. But... It is better without it.

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