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Golf and the Saudis


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1 minute ago, MAL said:

Try and watch Poulter and Westwood press conference.

They squirm like 2 little squirmy things when they were asked questions by a reporter. 



That's what prompted the post ....they come across like very arrogant and dismissive nobheads....it's almost as if their "celebrity" would remove criticism!

Like I said, I don't get golf and the fascination about it.....curious as to what level headed people think about this ...

Devil's advocate ...Wednesday get an obscenely rich Saudi suitor over Chansiri...would we suck the devil's cock?

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But to be honest. 

It's the pure greed of people that really gets me. 

They are worth absolutely millions, but have the gall to sit there and say "i have to look after my family". 

How many fucking Lambourghini's can a family drive. 

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Apparently Mickleson has huge gambling debts, that’s why he’s involved.

Given that Man City, PSG and Newcastle are all owned by Middle Eastern dictatorships, I don’t quite get why there’s such a furore about this, but then I don’t really give a toss about Golf.

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The way the tournaments are set out is interesting, means there's always something going off. 

All other sports such as Snooker, Darts and even Cricket etc have tried to mix things up while retaining the game in largely a recognisable form. 

However, the money situation and the fact that the Saudis are behind it. GET IN THE BIN

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On 12/06/2022 at 00:34, MPB said:

To be fair ....all golfers are wankers......written in stone.....

Just to expand on this.....I know mates who play the game, I dabbled, was shit, not the first sport I was shit at....I realised it wasn't for me in the clubhouses after, almost every single one was full of arrogant bellends....

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The LIV Tour is only just taking off, it looks like it will be huge.

Strong rumours Tiger Woods was offered $900,000,000 to join and refused. That's right, just shy of a billion dollars.

Dustin Johnson $120,000,000 and joined. Winnings are extra.

Quite a few more big names are considering it, two more confirmed but no fees mentioned.

Football isn't financially in the same league as golf at the very top.


PS, I'm available if anyone from the LIV tour is reading this thread. I'm fairly cheap too.


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