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Adam Proudlock


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I remember him being a naughty lad at ours, ale and other vices part of the problem, the kid could play when he wanted to mind.


Just read this 




In May 2019, Proudlock's former Grimsby Town team mate Paul Linwood appeared on the 'I Had Trials Once' podcast on Spotify, in the interview he spoke about his time at the club during the 2009–10 season.[37] Linwood went on to explain that the team was full of alcoholics and spoke of instances where the drinking culture at the club got out of hand.

Speaking of Proudlock, Linwood said "You’d finish training, Adam Proudlock on the Whatsapp group would say “lads, I’m just having a pint at the Laceby Arms”, and the whole squad would be in there. 15 pints, easy. It was the only pub we could get away with it. It was in a tiny little village, and we were dead inconspicuous – we used to go in our kits! Even I turned round one day and said “this has gone too far.” We’d had a Monday session – straight after training, we finished boozing about five that morning, and then we were in for training at nine the next day. Adam Proudlock and Peter Sweeney came to pick us up, and both were just the most unbelievable players who had just tossed it off at this point. Those two came to pick me up after a session, and we were drinking cans of Fosters on the way to training, which is out of order because I f***ing hate Fosters!"


😄 😄 

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12 hours ago, Kiwi Owl said:

How on earth did he manage those minutes at home to Millwall that season?

I heard a story that day we were so short of players, someone had to go to his house in the old Middlweood hospital complex and get him out of bed at 2pm to get him to the ground, he was still that pissed

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