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Reason for optimism?

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I don’t go on stalk that often but ventured on to see if I could find an old pic I thought I’d seen on there previously.

Anyway I saw this image which was quite interesting if not earth shattering which suggest we are in a worse position than on average our stats say we should be. On the same thread some also mentioned that if you add in the horrendous refereeing decisions we’ve been on the wrong end of we could be a few points better off. Now I’m not saying prior to DR rocking up it hasn’t been awful but maybe just maybe the averages might swing our way and we can creep out of the bottom 3.


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3 minutes ago, Skamp said:

Every time I see the ridiculous XG bollox on MOTD, it never bears any resemblance to the actual score. Often, it doesn't even reflect the result of the game.

As I said, it is used by retards to make the game more complicated than it is.

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I know of 3 lads who travel round Europe for Brentford just sourcing players. They watch then send the names back and the analytical process begins. The analysts then send field ops back out to watch on certain parameters to confirm the stats and a decision is made then.  

Between them they 'found' Mads Roerslev and Frank Onyeka in Denmark but they were 2 out of about 25 they sourced. Some of those went on to other clubs. 

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