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52 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

Agreed, it is good to see him back. but I can't see him unseating Bailey now. 

For sure. Like all youngsters though he'll go through dips in form and Danny has already alluded to this. He's a shining light and needs protecting.

Smith is good to have as an option though, initially off the bench,  and ironically is the best in the squad at defending aerial free kicks. Can be very handy when defending a lead.

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1 hour ago, HoylandOwl said:

Did you see that the ‘referees association’ or summat have apologised to the Blackburn manager, as the goal ‘should have been disallowed’

On that note then...

Have SWFC ever had an apology for some of the disgraceful decisions against us?

Don't think so!!!!



Another thing is...

Why have they even looked at it?

It cannot have been in the referees report, otherwise he would have disallowed it.

So again, why has anybody even looked at this?



IF Managers/Players or any other person from other Clubs are complaining about decisions against them, it's time we did the same, then we might not get as many, wrong decisions and eye watering bent decisions against us.

Spoilt my Saturday already, the expletive expletive expletive expletive expletive expletive expletive expletive expletive expletive!!!!

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