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Dejphon Chansiri's glorious Owls v Pubehead tax dodging ****'s ICI heavy metal poison inflicted Boro


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Not a bad first half that. Their left side of defence, and especially Engel, are poor.

Can’t get complacent second half though. That defensive high line could easily be exploited if they manage to slide a pass through, so we need to concentrate.

First half just seemed a bit easy to me - and I think that’s as much to do with them being really poor as it is us finally clicking into gear. But I’ll happily take it! More of the same second half please! 

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12 minutes ago, Canterburyowl said:

I actually think there is a core of players in the squad who are not as bad as results suggest, they are shot of confidence already and not sure Munoz has anyclue wtf he is actually doing. 


are you a tennis ball lobber too?


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The basic footballing skills of some of our players leaves a lot to be desired. How one decent bit of play can be immediately undone by crossing it into the Kop, that clearance at the end when you have time puts us under pressure with a free kick.

One positive was Valentin, not difficult to be MoM amongst that lot.

At least its a point but still not much to suggest that we have the quality to avoid relegation 

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2 minutes ago, Canterburyowl said:

No.. why do you ask? Bit unnecessary

Because I thought that  was a better performance than the Ipswich game that’s all you can ask at this minute, you seem super critical when clearly it’s improved a bit.

Valentin had a blinder some of his wing work was brilliant in the first half and really our strikers should be attacking the ball more.

still look a nervous side though.

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1 minute ago, Andyben said:

Seen enough to think we may be approaching the corner, if not quite ready to turn it, yet.

I mean apart from Boro were as poor as us and as devoid of confidence too.

Our midfield is piss poor and there is no strike force to cause issues 

There was at least a semblance of a style of play, but its all far too slow and predictable.

And better sides will carve through us far too easily 


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@WincoNot trying to be super critical, just dont agree on some of the decision making. I dont rate the manager and I stand by that. I also believe he has chopped and changed it all so much so far, that the players lack confidence. I agree about Valentin and said as much earlier.

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