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Klopp moaning again


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He's complaining about having to play games at 12.30 on a Saturday after international breaks, just seen on sky sports news that the scousers have played games at 12.30 on a Saturday post an international break more than any other club. My heart bleeds. 

Roland Nilsson, ask him how long he had between an international appearance before coming back and playing for us in a major game in the club's history. (Yes, I know we didn't win but...)

I know there's no love lost on here when it comes to Klopp, and it seems the general disdain for him has grown across the football supporting country too due to many of his comments. 

Anyway, back to his point. No, it's not 'ideal' to have players missing for a while then not having the time to 'acclimatise' to getting back, with jetlag etc etc. But we've got to deal with it, other clubs have to deal with it. And they just get on with it. While I get the focus is on the 'day job' of the domestic leagues, like the Premier League. But, these people are representing their country and I'd like to think the players are extremely proud to do that, and I'd love to know... Would they rather pull on the shirt of their country OR their club? Which means the most? If you take away the wage side of things.

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If he was Germany's coach he'd be moaning he couldn't have players early enough to prepare to play Gibraltar and that the leagues are too long and the ball is too round and the grass the wrong shade of green and the goals too square and the team bus aircon doesn't work properly and the tea machine is ...


You get the message.


Took him all of a month to turn native when he joined the victims. Straight after his teeth were done at a guess.

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