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You're in charge of the team. Now what?


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I’d just take a leaf out of the Stuart Gray book which shows that sometimes who the manager is doesn’t matter. To an extent I think we saw that in the Monk, Pulis, Thompson, Moore season whereby sometimes you just need something everyone can understand and buy into and keep everyone involved. Of that lot it was probably Thompson and Moore who got us scoring a few more goals (averaged 1/1.2 goals a game vs 0.5 for monk or Pulis) when their cvs were not as strong. 

Just as a starting point, whether it’s stylish or not don’t lose the ball in your own third just get it higher up the pitch and win the ball there. Play two up front and have a natural left sided player on the pitch. If that doesn’t work then they never stood a chance 

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I am quite sure I would take Bruce back, he would have got us promoted had he stayed imo. But then theres the mantra of saying never go back in football and its a different time now, and no more Fletchers/Hoopers/Hutchs etc at the club. Its likely irrelevant as no doubt the next one will be another obscure choice. I am shocked Xisco has not been sacked yet, was adamant he was going last night. 

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Chansiri will never go back to a previous manager but he's ok reverting back internally to the likes of Thompson, Bullen, Pugh because they were already on the staff. 

If he does sack Munoz he won't have an instant replacement. Thompson will be in charge for around 4 games. 

As for Bruce. Newcastle fans hated him. The football was turgid even though he'd been allowed to spend over £130m and bring in the likes of Joelinton, when Benitez had Mitrovic sold from under him for £28m and was only given £5m to find a replacement.  I don't think Bruce would have got us up. For various reasons his heart wasn't in it anymore and Newcastle and West Brom experiences have made it even more so. 

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