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No circumventing FFP for contracts longer than....

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12 hours ago, Tank_Owl2,0 said:

It amazes me that the dumb fvcks haven’t thought to close these loop holes before now

You shouldn’t be amazed. They only react when there’s ‘outrage’, or it makes them look bad for allowing it to happen. There’s never anything done proactively 

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It's all about keeping the major clubs sweet and trying to prevent another war with FIFA. 

If enough big money clubs got pissed off with UEFA then the breakaway league would happen. It didn't get off the ground last time because FIFA backed UEFA however LIV golf and the re-merger has happened since. FIFA could go with the clubs, especially if it turned into a Saudi backed World League, as sanctioning players with World Cup bans undermines FIFA's worth and TV deals. 

Anything happened like that and UEFA would be reduced to being like CONCACAF with the status of its domestic competitions. So they play a game of 'seeing to be doing'

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