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Vini Junior

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I don’t know whether any of you have followed what happened with Vini Jr during the Valencia v Madrid game on Sunday.

Basically, he was racially abused, the referee followed protocol (warnings etc.) and players of both clubs had a pop at the fans. Vini then gets sent off at the end of the game.

Now, he’s turned to social media and basically said that it’s too many times and LaLiga have turned a blind eye to it. LaLiga have then had a go at him, Infantino has issued the usual awful statement and now even Nike have come out in defence of Vini. Sponsors are unhappy with LaLiga and are reviewing there own agreements.

The federal prosecution group have now got involved and are issuing punishments against fans because the clubs are deemed to not be doing enough.

This is going to get messy very quickly.

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24 minutes ago, Tylluan said:

Good point made yesterday. How is Jude Bellingham viewing this and will affect his on his next club.

Others suggesting that PSG may make a cheeky bid for Vini Jnr

Ancelotti asked Vini if he wanted to carry on playing, putting the onus back on the young player.  He should have made the decision for him and taken the team off.

Bellingham IMO has the strength of character to lead a team off, RM need a strong manager like Mourinho or Zidane to back the players in these situations.

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It's horrendous what happened to Vinicius Jnr. Nothing new in Spain for such horrendous overt racism in football, and the limited responses to it in the past help facilitate what's (not) happening now. 

Massive fines, numerous totally behind closed doors games, and FIFA actually giving a shit would go SOME way to maybe swinging the pendulum the right way. 

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