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FAO South Yorkshire Police

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1 hour ago, Tank_Owl2,0 said:

And yet it’s ok on this Sunday, a day when you would have thought the force would be a bit more skeletal in numbers. I’ll admit Pboro at  Oakwell isn’t quite the same as Bolton but you expect them to bring a few.

Make it up as they go along. 

Personally prefer an evening game to a lunchtime kick off but appreciate will not work for many.


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3 hours ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

And then they refuse to police it and the game is unable to go ahead.

At least we could add that to the Wednesday way awards list

They'd still have to police the city centre and areas leading to the ground. A private security firm, such as Bluelight, could be in situ inside the ground footprint and the police would still have to enter if there's any cause to do so much like they do at any other entertainment venue. 

There's no actual mandate that says a police force has to be on site for a game to go ahead. Just 'adequate' stewarding. 

A lot of London clubs are looking at this from next season as the MET is taking the piss with their bills.

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