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Stick yer chimes where the sun don’t shine - Portsmouth (a)

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Us and the Pigs were both originally down to be at home on Saturday. It happened earlier in the season and they moved to Friday so I guess it was our turn this time

Since then they have made the FA Cup QFs and are playing Sunday but too short notice to change our game

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4 hours ago, Owling_Wolf said:

"My dad says you're a ****!"



By the by, I love this season but I hate that we are doing this in League 1 instead of the Championship or the Prem. 


League 1 problems ammi right? 

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On 13/03/2023 at 08:02, HoylandOwl said:

One of the Pompey player’s,Joe Rafferty, was a little more complimentary about our game management.

"Joe Rafferty said he was telling referee Ben Toner to speed up the game during Portsmouth's loss to Sheffield Wednesday".

Not that complimentary. Just the usual whining when their tactics of what looked like get us a man sent off wasn't working. Ogilvie was diving whenever he could and the Ref kept buying it. The accused time wasting by us is when so many teams have ruined games for us in the past is about reyt for the EFL, Iorfa was about 10 seconds and the card was out FFS . 

The towel removing was so fucking petty. Ref was in pocket of Mousinho after that.  Throwing the ball at Windass, elbowing Vaulks. That assault on Fizz! "While defender Rafferty said it was "good game management" from the opponents" Cheeky twat!

We're getting the tag of a dirty team when its actually weak Refs falling for cheats playacting then ignoring the fouls on us.

What I do like though is playing 12/13 men every week and we still win/ get the results.




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