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After a decent jet washer to clean drive and a paved bit in garden.....but the last two k'archer's I bought were shite, really poorly made and packed in after a couple of uses.....weren't cheap either....any suggestions?

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Had a Karcher for years and it was that powerful it blasted the top off an old flag and we found a fossilised fern imprint underneath. Then the motor went and we 'upgraded' to the latest version of the same one. 

It's shit. Doesn't even take the birdshit off the car bonnet never mind clean the patio. Can't swap the pressure gun attachments over cos they're slightly different fittings.

MPB if you find a decent one then post on here and I'll take the hit, buy that, and put the one we've got on Gumtree

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19 hours ago, Neville Facking Bartos said:

Lidl have a 170 bar one in stock at the minute for just over £100. Not one of the standard names but it’s all about power and 170 is more than enough and very reasonably priced. Need one myself so thinking of grabbing one of those 

Ahhh. The mystery aisle at Lidl.

The only place you’ll find a ten bob flyer, next to a surfboard, next to a mig welder.

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On another note, apart from the one that got nicked.

I have borrowed and used a Karcher Home something or other, could be K4 or K5 in the name but cannot remember exactly.

Absolutely brilliant for everything i used it for, especially the patio.

Should have said the patio was with the brush fitting, brilliant.

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On 13/04/2022 at 00:25, Neville Facking Bartos said:

I want to do the car, patio and wheelie bins with mine but read I’d need more than a 110, how you found it n your patio specifically? 

Sorry we don't do the car with it or wheelie bins and don;t have a patio but I would imaging it would be fine

it's great at getting bird shit off the our areas and the tarmaced dropped kerb pavement area

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Definitely add the patio cleaner. 

Game changer and stops the crap going everywhere, but you still have to use the power blaster for the edges because you cannot get close enough with the cleaner. 

One thing I will say, you cannot go quick with the cleaner, it will leave swirls. 

But much better than just using the blaster. 

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Right just watched the video. 

That video is a load of rubbish.

Whatever they were cleaning has just been thrown on the top, that is not how you will be able to clean a weather worn patio. 

You will have to do it either a lot slower or keep going over the area a couple of times. 

But don't let that put you off, I think it is a great piece of kit. 

Happy Karchering

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