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Southgate is to continue as England manager


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13 hours ago, Beaconowl said:

Still, we can satisfy ourselves that we won the fair play trophy (not). Personally I would prefer to be known as unsporting ***** and win the fucking competition itself 

Win. Just win.

I’m hoping for that, and if housery happens on the road, so be it. Didn’t stop the Argies, or France against us. (Although wasn’t as obvious as the Argies)

15 hours ago, Neville Facking Bartos said:

Right call, sign of releasing the shackles more this World Cup. There are definitely better tacticians but this team seem to really support him and they’re all together, that’s down to his work 

France look like they’ll get stronger come 2024 but I think we could have a real chance. If we don’t win that then I’ll resign myself to be t not happening in my lifetime 

There’s no doubt he’s got his shortcomings. And it’s easy to see how people can suggest Southgate ‘bottled it’ in the past. But I too think that there were hints that he saw that attacking is a better option for us, as we cannot just sit behind the ball (the US game showed that) and v Wales and Senegal in particular it much much better. Even in the France game after a nervous start we were more than good enough but the fine margins separated us. 

I’m not sure we’ve got anyone outstanding or screamingly obvious to take over right now. Some talk of Potter (not Harry), others mention Cooper (Not Henry). 
Evens if the Euros was won by us, I’d then move Southgate ‘upstairs’ after that as he’s done wonders for the culture within the squad. There appears to be no cliques in there, and then, get someone else in…

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