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Coventry City taken over


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Last time I checked, admittedly a few years ago now, Newcastle had posted a profit in the Premier League on a regular basis.

However, they did make a loss during their most recent season in the Championship, despite making huge gains on player transfers.

Therefore, "profitable within two years" would likely only be possible with back to back promotions.

I'm up for that!

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12 hours ago, Neville Facking Bartos said:

I think he’d do due diligence, realise he couldn’t get us turning a profit that quick and not bother 

The club is currently self sufficient, as far as I know, with little or no funding from DC so not that much of a step and he'll be looking at long term profit.

Invest to get to Prem, lap up some lovely sky cash then sell 

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2 hours ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

Presume Ashley wants the football club as well - not just the stadium 

I think anyone ever advocating Ashley to be our owner just got their answer as to why it would have been a fuck awful solution 


Whys that then?

What's comparable between Cov and us.

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