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Taming of the Shrews.....match thread.


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45 minutes ago, Tylluan said:

We were second in the home goals scored last season and where did that get us. 

This season we've scored 12 away from home, compared to Ipswich's 22 and Plymouth's 20. Bristol Rovers, Exeter, and Burton have all scored more away goals than us. 

In the league leading scorers list our first player appears at number 30. 

As has been said on numerous occasions, including yesterday, we aren't putting teams to bed when we have a chance and it could have hurt us yesterday. 

We've brought in a forward who was in double figures at the same time last season and he's currently sat on 4. Even Gregory was 3 goals better off last season at this stage. 

I'll say it again. We are not playing to our forwards strengths 


We're not definitely. 

Smith works really hard but when foes he look a threat.......and he clearly could be and while Windass is, I think ,our top scorer 2me he not played as well as he can. Is it his fault ? I dont think so, and Mighten, well if my wife knows he's going to cut inside EVERY time I've a feeling the opposition might.

We're right in there but we can play a lot better and we have ability to put game 2 bed against most. But we don't, it may cost us

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44 minutes ago, JBO said:

Fretting about how good we seem to think we could be is just wasted energy 


We're a decent third division side with a good shout of promotion 

Enjoy the ride

It's a fair point. I suppose my concern is Moore might just mess it up......when frankly with the player's we have he shouldn't 

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