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U21s told to step it up….

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By Neil Thompson after a disappointing start to their season.

Here’s a bit of what he has to say. And I like his honest but brutal assessment, some people need to have a reality check sometimes!

“And if you want to be a player then you’ve got to strive to be that every day, every game - and that’s hard work. There are other players out there that want to steal your living off you.”



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The last time our u21/23 squad did anything was the 16/17 season. 

We've never fully integrated our academy section or even fully utilised any of its resources. From Hirst through to Shaw we've had players leave without making a mark on the first team squad. Some have made it elsewhere in the league and some haven't but we've never had a conveyor belt. 

The question, though, is should we have a conveyor belt? We're now supplementing our youth system with released players from higher academies but should these higher players be making it at our level? There's a reason they're released higher up the chain. 

I've long advocated that our academy is worthless in its current guise. We should have copied Brentford a long time ago and we should be doing it now. The change from 23s to 21s means there are a lot of possibly decent 22 and 23 year olds out there. Use the connections we already have with the likes of Man City and Everton and pick players up that could possibly have a future value, either to the first team or in transfer fees. Give them time in the B team and see what happens. 

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2 minutes ago, Hirstys 12th Pint said:

Increasingly seems the case that the Youth set up is totally pointless.

How many in the last 10 years have come through to play more than 20 first team games or be sold for any sort of fee ?

Dawson and Wildsmith and thats where it ends.  Not included Palmer as made his debut 12 years ago.


Liam Shaw

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