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Wales…. To change their name?

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Personally I can't see what the point is. There's only about 300,000 full Welsh speakers anyway.

Every nation uses its own language when talking or commentating on other national teams. Belgium commentators referred to Wales as Galles during the recent match. 

FIFA and UEFA use English as an official communication language so it will still stay Wales. I think I'm yet to hear people pronouncing it Turkeyyay even though they've changed the badge and everything. 

Some Welsh speakers refer to the FAW as the CBC (Cymdeithas Bêl-droed Cymru) but most still call it the FAW and the country Cymru. 

It doesn't help that there's 4 or 5 different dialects in Welsh and some words are completely different between North and South. Some things are easier just left alone.

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