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Contracts expiring this summer

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The local journos are beginning to talk about who's contracts are up at the end of the season

Gregory, Bannan, Palmer, Paterson, Adeniran, Iorfa, Johnson, Brown and Dele Bashiru are listed, with Windass and Byers said to have options that the club can trigger to keep them for another season. 

It's interesting that the article says that Moore has said that talks haven't started as the focus is on this season and success right now, but Gregory at the weekend was quoted as saying he'd like things sorting sooner rather than later. 

So, go on then, let's discuss... Out of the above. Who would you offer new deals to right now, and who wouldn't you?

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Shouldn't Hunt be on this list? Thought he only got extended for this season. I'd bin him anyway. 

If Gregory wants it done quickly then put two decent offers on the table, 1 based on Championship football and the other on League 1, and tell him it's this or we'll look to sell him to a club not in League 1 in January. Don't get me wrong, I want to keep him but I don't want anyone stalling and stalling and running their contract down. 

Same applies to Bannan re the two contracts but I wouldn't sell him in January. I think he's done enough to walk if he wants to, especially if he gets us up. 

Iorfa is showing the same sort of form that got him moved out of Wolves after becoming a fans favourite and player of the season. But we bought him as a right back and part of me thinks he'd still be better at wingback than in a back 3. 

Palmer's agent should be looking to capitalise on this run he's on but Palmer should look at how much game time he'd get with us in the Championship and is it actually worth staying. 

Brown, Hunt, Paterson is a no. Adeniran is an extra year depending on injury recovery. Johnson is also an extra year but I think he'll look to leave. 

I think we're going to have to offer a lot to keep FDB and you have to look at whether it'll be actually worth it. Moore won't build a team around him so what's the plan if we tie him down to three years? This is where we need a DoF to be talking to the CoO and crunching numbers like potential retail and amortization. 

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Gregory - Keep

 Bannan - Keep

Palmer - Keep

Paterson - thank you but bye bye

Adeniran - needs to prove his fitness, when fit he walks into the team.

Iorfa - he's lost it, he's never been the same since those injuries - time to go.

Johnson - Keep

Brown - bye bye - not good enough

Dele Bashiru - Keep - Can't be losing a bloke of his talent.

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