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Supporter's panel has reconvened at S6.


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The Owls were pleased to hold an in-person informal meeting with the club’s Supporter Engagement Panel last weekend.

The pandemic put paid to face to face meetings for a considerable period of time but acquaintances were renewed ahead of the Wycombe game at Hillsborough.

Following multiple moves forward off the pitch since the formation of the panel in January 2021, another progressive meeting was held.

As a continuation of the engagement process, two volunteer panel members will have a presence at home games as feedback conduits between the fans and the club.

In addition, diarised formal meetings with published minutes will be in place moving forward, as well as gatherings in between when necessary.

The club wishes to place on record our thanks to panel members for their ongoing feedback and support.

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1 hour ago, Tylluan said:

The Trust have gone very quiet. Nothing on their Twitter since August 9th and no updates on the website either. 

DC's thrown a lot of money at the team, results are good, and the commercial team have upped their game. 

Which goes to show what they’re all about. A good, well run and well intentioned supporters’ organisation raises issues as necessary but also gives credit when it’s due.

That lot only have one setting, always have and always will. 

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