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I'm back into listening to podcasts quite a lot when I'm out walking the dog or watching our eldest foster lad footy training , so just wondering if there's any that people would recommend?

I do enjoy, The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett. I selectively listen to The High Performance Podcast, which Jake Humphrey co hosts. Undr the Cosh is the sport one I go to....

And, I partake in one myself from time to time, and get a lot of stick from 3 lads from Lincoln... One of them is unfortunately a L**ds fan, but he's in the 0.01% of decent ones, and two Lincoln fans. We chat sport, mainly football and cricket, but go off on many random subjects too... That's aptly called Gone off on a tangent.

I also used to like the Guardian's Football Weekly but listen to it a lot less now since James Richardson stopped hosting some time back. 

So go on, give me your recommendations.

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I've listen to all the episodes of Replay on BBC Sounds. It's re-runs of famous radio sports commentaries with no other talking or analysis. As well as immersing yourself into the age it's interesting listening to how commentaries have changed over the years. 

Another one I like is Sideways. It takes a slightly slanted look at historic events and explores more around why it got to that point and the people in the background 

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My current roster of podcasts

Shagged, Married, Annoyed - Chris & Rosie Ramsey
Undr the cosh - plenty of mentions already on here.
Athletico Mince - Bob Mortimer & Andy Dawson
Page 94 - Private Eye, as already mentioned by Ty
When Saturday Comes
Quickly Kevin, will he score? - Josh Widdicombe and others on 90s football
They Walk Among Us - UK true crime
Court Junkie - US true crime
Top Flight Time Machine - Andy Dawson & Sam Delaney
Best pick - all Oscar best picture winners watched and discussed.
We have ways of making you talk - Al Murray on World War 2
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