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Hello everyone, 

I am not a person who uses any type of social media, but I just wanted to write this about football, a game that I love and a big Sheffield Wednesday fan all my life. My topic is about the women's football that I and many others have been watching, I can't describe how watching these games has totally inspired me, the style of play, the quality, end to end football, brilliant positional play, playing with total freedom, no prima donna's , no time wasting , no slowing down the game and best of all no cheating, just free flowing excitement what a breath of fresh air I could go on. The Lionesses don't have to win on Sunday to bring football home they have already done it. I have never known 90 mins to go so quick and longed for it to continue, so I could carry on watching the total brilliance. Pity they cannot take over the mens team at the world cup in November, because they would sure as hell do a lot better than them the way they have been performing.

so the gentleman need to be very aware, that this is how every football fan in the land and the world wants to see the game played. I just wish that my husband Martin had lived to see it.

So after all that lets now hope that our team the Owls can show us the same commitment and brilliance that all the ladies have, we can hope.

Pam Haigh    WAWAW

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My daughter has gained a lot from going to matches with me and constantly uses the #hergametoo and is quick to pull people up when they say womens football “It’s just football” 😂😂😂 she also can’t decide whether to wear her new home top or away top on Saturday 🙄

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