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Some new ‘rules’

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"Officials have been instructed to adopt a higher threshold for penalising contact in challenges, taking into account how much contact there was, the consequences of it and what the attacking player’s motivation was. They will also be more vigilant of sustained holding at set-pieces."

Massively open to interpretation and will change game by game and ref by ref. If this has been done to make players stay on their feet then it's bollocks. Players will still go down and the ref will still be left to make the decision. 

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1 hour ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

Watching players at corner kicks is as embarrassing to watch as the circus tricks in the lineout in rugby union or the scrum in rugby league. 

The one rule football needs is independent time keepers and more transparency on how added time is determined. 


Oi!  Some of us have things to do on Saturday nights!!

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