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Kieran Lees legs wouldn't last five mins if he was training back at Middlewood. 

Didn't realise Venencio was only 29. He can play in a back 3 and If we hit the loan market for defensive cover then we could do worse than him.

The others are a flat no.

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Lee: way past his best. Shouldn’t sully his legacy by coming back for an embarrassing swan song.

Shaw: do we need any more CMs? From a theoretical angle, I’d like to see how he’d do in the current team, but I can’t see him getting ahead of what we have. Perhaps on a free, a season with the U23s to try to rebuild his career from there?

Corbeanu: flattered to deceive like most of our wide players last season. Could do well in a front three if we play that way. Not worth the risk for us nor him.

Fox: I think he was a bit underrated at Wednesday and became a bit of a scape goat, but as we’ve strengthened down the left, I don’t think we need him. 

Venancio: I thought he was looking good towards the end of his loan and was surprised that we didn’t get him back. If he’s as good as he was, and doesn’t cost much, I get him in. We still need two central defenders. 

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