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Leeds homage to the Golden Owls


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I went to Leeds today on business and wandered around the centre of the city. Outside, what appeared to be a grandiose civic building, were two tall pillars each with a golden owl at the top. Around one side of the building were another two golden owls gracing the sky. Couldn't be arsed to walk all way around. Other than acknowledging our superiority does anyone know the story of these golden owls?

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The Leeds coat-of-arms contains three owls - these came from the coat-of-arms of Sir John Saville, the first Alderman of Leeds. Originally from northern France, the Saville family were presented with lands in Yorkshire by William the Conqueror after they supported him during the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Owls are also the symbol of Athena, the Grecian goddess of wisdom.


Les Nonces Du Normandie

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They've got the statue of him in his suit wearin' backroom days......we should have one of him in action in the kit firing yet another goal in......criminal we've never honoured him other than naming a room after him......

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