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Non league embracing crypto ??

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38 minutes ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

Don't look at how much Bitcoin has fallen recently 

My cynical view is that the money is made by those getting in early, hype it up, get the masses to follow in, push up the price, sell as your profit potential reduces, engineer a sizeable drop then pile back in at the lower price 

.....and don't forget yer passwords...

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On 17/06/2022 at 06:52, Andyben said:

There's definitely a place fr blockchain technology which will become obiquitous (probably without most people realising) but trading on coins with zero real world worth was always going to burn some people.

Definitely this.  

This is not new.  Remember the dotcom bubble?  Anybody who invested in Nasdaq in December 1999, would have had to wait 14 years to break even.  Now the dotcom entrepreneurs weren’t wrong.  Everything they were saying would eventually be done online is now being mostly done online.  It just took a long time, because getting it all working in a reliable and performant way is fucking work…lots of it.

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