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Pitch and floodlights being renovated

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if fuel prices keep on increasing at the rate they are, then a lot of club will find turning the floodlights on incredibly expensive and we might start to see some early afternoon kickoffs like in the 70s

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1 minute ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

Nah ours are going to be solar powered, can't see any issue with that with Sheffield's climate

Fairy lights it is then.

I hope that doesn't offend anybody 🤔😀

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Nowt wrong wi' fairy lights!  

1st time I camped (oo-er, Missus!) at a rock festival I had drunken fuckers crashing over the guy ropes half the fecking nights as they tried to go for a pee.  One arsehole even fell full length on top of me!  🤬

I spied another camper's clever solution: he'd run fairy light strands up around the guy lines and poles of his tent and switched them on before dark. No 'uninvited bodies' for him.  

As soon as the Xmas decorations went on sale I bought two long lines of battery operated lights from Aldi and last August at Newark saw the successful launch of my 'drunk proof' tent. Simples!   

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3 hours ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

I have got solar fairy lights in the garden. And a few other types as well. Any more Mrs MK reckons the Easy Jet pilots will be mistaking our garden for Luton Airport

We had a few decorating the patio until two weeks ago when I came home from a night out and found the back garden looking like Blackpool prom.

The Mrs had bought a load of solar rope lights and strung them everywhere 

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