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Bannan wants Luongo to stay

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He [Mass] has been brilliant. He has been a big part of it and when he plays it makes my life a lot easier because I can go off and do the things I enjoy doing and he can do the things he says he doesn’t like doing, but he does because he does it every week! 

“He’s been a big part of why we’ve turned a corner, a massive part of the club that has been here a while now, he’s experienced and he’s the type of person you want next to you going into these sort of games."

I would love for him to be involved with the club next season and hopefully Mass and the club can get all that sorted once we deal with business first," said Bannan.

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8 hours ago, Kingys Ginger Mullet said:

Luongo will be off to Celtic, their manager had him as his main man when he was boss of the Socceroos.

Hope he does stay mind, excellent player.

Can't see where he fits in at Celtic, unless they sell a couple first. 

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I think Luongo has been excellent this season. Full of 'volume' and his experience has really shone through. Calmish head and strong in the tackle. But I'd say his positional sense has been the most impressive. When you think of all the CMs BB has played with, I can't think of any better. You might argue Kieran Lee or even Hutchinson first time around. But I think Bannan summed it up. Luongo does the 'dirty' work and leaves Bannan to get forward and pull the strings. I know it's been a few years since I went to a game but it used to annoy the hell out of me when Baz came back too deep. 

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