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When the analysis doesn't work

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I can imagine our fanbase if we'd released a director's statement like this. 


our analysis shows that performance levels over the course of the campaign have merited a much better league position

they do clearly show that our performances have been good enough to earn a league position significantly better than the 16th place we currently find ourselves in, 

The metrics also show that our performance levels haven't changed significantly over the season.

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With respect to all the analysts out there. By Game 46 of the season the only metric of any note is where you finish in the League table.

That accurately and fairly represents your relative performance level v 23 other teams.


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There’s bound to be examples like this.  The thing about stats and algorithms is they will keep being refined and improving. Early attempts at using data to analyse performance showed Paulo Maldini wasn’t a very good defender because he didn’t make many tackles…

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