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Bounce now you Derby *****

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31 minutes ago, HoylandOwl said:

Said he was staying no matter what didn’t he?

Said he loves Colleen but still puts his dick in brasses and grannies, so that tells you all about his trustworthiness 

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1 hour ago, Andyben said:

...they should have gone down instead of us last year. 


Complete and utter financial frauds.


Not bouncing about in car park toneyt 

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I’m not sure they will be. I can see it taking a couple of years to even get to an even base again given the state of the club and what Morris has left them with.

And there is every danger that they don’t escape from admin quickly too, even with the preferred bidder state.

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Kirchner has been told to present a 3 year business plan that's to include where the money is coming from by next week. It's something he failed to produce when he had preferred bidder status at Preston and he quickly disappeared soon afterwards.

A couple of Derby fans at work reckon the state of their accounts means they'll be in the same position we were in and feeding off freebies, non contracts, and loans. They also reckon Curtis Davies will be offered the managers job when Rooney goes. Davies already has his A licence.  


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