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Watford could be in trouble

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I've heard that the EFL are taking unprecedented steps and looking into Watford's use of internships for the forthcoming season. Over the last two years Watford have had two unpaid interns within the club but are advertising for at least 4 unpaid positions in their sports science and performance analytics departments. 

The EFL are concerned over what could be seen to be over use of unpaid staff in backroom roles and should Watford be relegated they don't bring with them 'sustainability' problems. 

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1 hour ago, HoylandOwl said:

Looking at Unpaid positions in football…. Hmmm are they going to look at those jobs which go under the minimum wage because of stupidly long hours, which are ‘allowed’ due to how the contracts are written?

Tbh Tee if that is the case then HMRC should be contacted. The contract is irrelevant in many ways - travel time should be factored in outside a normal commute 

They, HMRC are shit hot on NMW breaches but generally are made aware by tip offs


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6 hours ago, Skamp said:

Fucking Watford. A third division team. Always will be.  Same with Bournemouth. Got lucky with money and it'll all blow up in their faces one day. 

Would you have put Wigan in the same bucket, when they were in the PL?

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