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Let’s brew up three points upon the Trent

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Fuck me - looks like this is the day that we dip out as serious auto candidates.

Barnsley showing how easy it is to get a result at Forest Green, Ipswich coasting at home v Charlton.

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First 2 goals are absolute clusterfucks 

First either needs a call from Dawson, if he does call then Flint is thick as fuck 

2nd, no one up top to retain possession and Adeniran rolls out the red carpet 

3rd I need to see it back but we give him all the time in the world to get a shot off 

Too many don’t have the character for the run in I’m afraid 


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You look at what I'm watching and then look at the rival results...
This performance doesn't even begin to be good enough. 
Flint's "assist" for their 2nd was unbelievable.  
Kid had never scored before. 3 minutes later he'd got two.  

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