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Supporters engagement panel

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Sorry to put a downer on this, as it’s good to see supporters engaging with the club and vice-versa, but it’s piss poor that a meeting like that can be arranged and held with no agenda drafted and circulated beforehand.

It’s amateurish and the meeting achieved nothing. How can you prepare for a meeting (the club that is) if you don’t know what’s on the agenda?

Likewise, how can supporters hold the club to account by preparing detailed questions prior to the meeting in connection with the agenda items, ideally circulated to the club beforehand, giving them time to answer said questions factually, rather than via guesswork and supposition?

Nothing asked and recorded in the minutes about on the field activities, nothing asked about the club’s ambitions if promoted (and likewise if not), the whole thing seemed to be more like a forum than a meeting.

Not even any agreed actions or timescales outlined in the minutes, just a few lines in them stating what the club intends to do, which might or might not happen.

I hope future meetings are a little more professional and productive than this one was.

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The panel has moved on from being about pointy finger accountability. After the Trust debacle DC cancelled the meetings then changed them to meet EFL regulations. Communication was sent out to the supporter reps explicitly laying out the new principles and that deviating would mean expulsion (like the Trust)

They're now fan engagement panels and more about 'this is happening, any more ideas, and what can you do to make it better?' It falls in line with EFL noise around making the fans feel more valued and giving them an input. 

You won't get any questions about player recruitment, finances, ambition, pitch, or anything about the major running of the club. It's all about enhancing 'customer experience'.

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