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How do players get paid?

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We often hear that a player is on £x per week bit-

Do they actually get paid weekly?

Do they get paid more if they're on a cup run?

European football?

Any others? (Not on about image rights but appearance, goals, clean sheets etc?)

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....plus annual payments fr mage rights etc. But usually all bonuses paid within relevant period.

In Spain they tend to pay every 6mths in arrears, which is how you read articles about such and such being owed £xx million which needs to be sorted when being transferred 

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Paid monthly. 
Cup bonuses, which can be set at various levels, getting to round x / semi final/winners etc. But I’ve not seen any extra for just playing. 

Bonus for getting to the playoffs, then promotion bonuses too potentially.

The bonuses are at lower league clubs still often agreed with the players as a whole, and the captain is the one who deals with it. 

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