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DM praises the fans

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We’ve debated how quiet it’s been at times this season and I don’t any of us will argue it hasn’t.

However I do think it has got better since the turn of the year.

it’s also noticeable that when the irregulars have turned up there hasn’t been the same groaning and moaning that has sometimes come with bigger crowds. Vaults kind of mentioned it on Friday.

If injuries don’t clear up and we’re having to patch a team together at times the home atmosphere in particular is going to be important to pull us over the line.

 I suspect as the season gets closer to the end some players that have got niggles might be more inclined to say they are ok to play just so we can get over the line

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On the latter point Tank, I hope you’re right. 
The only issue I have right now is that we’re beginning to creak a little in terms of injuries. I’m still confident we’ll be fine, and will go up. But I have a feeling this next trio of away games could be pivotal. 
There were plenty of grumbling about us not adding bodies in Jan other than Flint, and for our AND DM’s sake, I hope it doesn’t come back to bite us on the backside. 

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