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Crypto backed partners arrive at Swfc

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I have decided I am close enough to retirement not to try and understand the whole concept of block chains, crypto currency. 

I know other football clubs have got involved and there is a question whether they are encouraging fairly uneducated financial people to get involved without risks being fully explained to them 

And I would count myself in that on this topic 

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1 hour ago, Tylluan said:

UNAGI must be hoping for traffic onto its paid sites. Individuals choice, I suppose. 

Personally I don't see a difference between this and Reesh's participation games on here.

Well we can’t see his entire transaction history, including deleted posts, or produce our own modified version if we’re bored with it, or sell correct answers to each other for 1/200000 of an Ethereum.

Don’t get me wrong, it is undoubtedly possible to do useful, grown up things with blockchain technology.  Give it a decade or two.

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It is possible, but when things like stupid  things like NFTs, and I mean the ones that are picture of monkeys, or video clips are being bought and sold. Then I’m out.


Again there are future options and benefits to those too, but we’re definitely not seeing them yet.

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