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Saturdays game

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So Fleetwood at home.

Is there a danger of getting complacent and not taking 3pts?

Whilst Wycombe could have been a come down after the Newcastle game I’m sure the players knew it was going to be a battle so had to be focused.

 I’m quietly confident but I think that’s our bigger danger.

The other issue might be Dazzer over thinking it for the next couple of games coming at Cheltenham and the Cup game.

 I’d be disappointed if we didn’t make it past Fleetwood in the Cup but if it meant we were guaranteed a promotion then I’d happily take it.

Some extra bodies are needed in the next 10days to shore up the defence that for certain.


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I don’t think DM will overthink it, he shuffles the pack most of the time anyway. 
I know what you’re saying re complacency, but I’d be amazed if that crept in. Yes, we have to be confident as a squad with the run we’re on; but if everyone is as unified as it appears then they should be fine. 
Of course that doesn’t mean we WILL win every game, not at all, things can go against us, a bad bounce, a crap decision or two.

Trust the process…. And even I can’t believe I’m saying that, but it’s going well!!

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I don’t think there’s much scope for DM to overthink this one.

Johnson in for James. 
Adeniran or Bakinson in for Byers.

Only discussion points are: 

Gregory for one of the front two? 
Wilks for one of the front two or Hunt?

We just need to start on the front foot, keep pressing, and don’t give them any hope.

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I'd be amazed if there wasn't some movement before the end of the month, but with it being Wednesday, we seem to love to drag things out so that the 'fans' who love to moan have something to moan about. There's a few of them about at the moment.... Because we're not signing 56 players like Plymouth and Ipswich, then it's all going to pot.

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7 minutes ago, Dronowl66 said:

Ipswich with a tricky trip to Oxford and Derby and Bolton paying each other could make this weekend another massive leap forward given we do the business against Fleetwood , could easily see a draw at Oxford , gap of 6 points Saturday night ? Not sure where this myth about Moore overthinking it comes from , his selections ,to me anyway , seem to have been dictated more by injury than thinking hes Pep 

DM has changed the side frequently away from those injured. 

Windass a few weeks ago being the most recent example, before he came back in and went on his mini scoring run of five goals in two games. That's not a criticism either, because it clearly put fire in Windass' belly that's for sure!

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Our run after Christmas last season was mainly due to the squad picking itself due to injuries. Then he dicked about in the playoffs by risking half fit players. The run he had at Donny, which got him out job, was starting to unravel as players came back from injury and he started to chop and change. 


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I’m NOT after starting the match thread, let’s keep the run going!

I was being a bit rhetorical if you hadn’t guessed re complacency and over thinking it but these are the things that have been levelled at the team and DM.

Having said that we can’t take any game lightly. I don’t see us mullering them like we did to Cambridge. A 2-0 will do nicely.


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