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Random away day exploits


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4 minutes ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

I think every time I went on an away trip with you there was an increased probability of 

a) Ending up in prison

b) Losing my step son

c) Having to call a divorce lawyer 

d) All 3 of the above 

And you kept returning 

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Years ago at Bolton, not long after they moved to the Reebok (1998 I think), we were on a day session on a minibus full of lads from Chapeltown... Started early in Chap, beers on the coach, ended up in a boozer about 5 miles from the ground. The early kick off was Man U - Arsenal, the day Overmars scored the winner. Landlord was a Man U fan, needless to say he got some stick because he was gutted. After the game we headed back and stopped at a boozer at Holmfirth I think it was, and as we got more sozzled, the atmosphere turned a little 'naughty' from some of the lads. 

Anyway, we get kicked out of the boozer, so in a moment of revenge, a couple of the lads open up the back doors of the minibus... The Driver thought they were just getting in that way... Well they were, but they also piled a picnic table in there from outside the boozer and the driver didn't notice till we got back to Chap. It ended up outside the pub in Chap for about about 2 years till they replaced it!

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I’ve got a few.

- End up drinking at a free bar in a hotel in Peterboro after a win at Ipswich. It was a wedding.

- Got a train back from London after Wednesday won at Millwall, with a fella carry the enigma device. Was also sick all over first class.

- A mate snagged a high vis jacket and name tag at London Bridge and imitated a national rail employee to get free stuff on the train home.

- After Donny away many years ago, ended up in a pool competition with half the Wednesday team, and lost.

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