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Oh do fuck off


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On 15th April 1989 a bunch of lovable, joyful, pleasant people from Liverpool made the trip to Sheffield, bringing a picnic and lashings of ginger beer. They all sat around doing nothing, the pubs were quiet and barely a person was noticed going into the off licences. At 12.30pm the Liverpool fans all decided as usual to go to the ground with hours to spare, so they could queue peacefully and in good humour well before kickoff 



See done the first paragraph for them at no cost 

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City shouldn’t have sung about them being murderers though.  Nobody was ever convicted of murder in relation to Heysel.  Manslaughter, that’s a different matter. 14 Liverpool fans were convicted of that and did time in Belgium for it.  FACT.

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10 hours ago, Andyben said:

They are singularly the most vile set of ***** when things don't go their way, even towards their own players.


I wonder what those 'loveable scamps' think about their manager being front and centre of disrespecting and being aggressive towards match officials?

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