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Goalscorers into double figures

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The pre-amble for any new posters/readers

Four players scoring ten (or more) goals doesn't seem that big a deal, but it rarely happens. 

We last did it in 2006-07 - Deon Burton (13), Steve MacLean (13), Marcus Tudgay (11) and Chris Brunt (10). 

Prior to that it was the 90-91 glory season - David Hirst (32), Paul Williams (17), John Sheridan (12) and Nigel Pearson (12). 

And the one before that, 85-86 - Lee Chapman (15), Brian Marwood (15), Carl Shutt (13) and Mel Sterland (11). 

So, as you can see, it is that big a deal. 

For this thread I take the very simplistic calculation of goals scored in the number of games we've had so far and assume that the players will score at the same ratio in the remaining games. 


So today saw Gregory get to the milestone with his injury time winner v Wimbledon.

With at least six games left (but hopefully nine), our leading goal scorer is set to finish the season on 11 (12 if we go all the way).

With Bannan on eight, he’s expected to notch one more in the regular season, but to hit the target (just) if we play three play off games as that calculation has him getting another 1.53.

Berahino’s next on seven, and also has a projection of one (or two) more.

They’re the only realistic contenders in my opinion, so I think it will be another season without getting to the holy grail.

Paterson and Byers on six each are just too far off the pace I think.

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Five goals in the last three games. Two for Gregory to take him to 12, one each for Bannan and Berahino edging them closer as noted by Reesh, and a first Wednesday goal for Storey.

We now have either three, five, or six games left. Whichever it is the projection for the trio of Gregory, Bannan and Berahino is for them to get one more each.

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