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Michael Morrison on Wednesday.....

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He's spoken about his time with us.... With The Portsmouth News.

"I didn’t have a very good time at Sheffield Wednesday. I signed for three-and-a-half years and ended up being there for six months and training on my own!

"We changed the manager after two weeks. Alan Irvine signed me – Gary Megson got rid of me. They’ve not got great memories of me, to be fair!

"It was a long time ago and wasn’t the best time of my career, although what I will say is sometimes when you have challenges and things don’t go well it does refocus your career. After that period I thought “It’s not going well here” and you can go down a different avenue.

"Luckily, I had played with Chris Powell previously and he signed me for Charlton. I really buckled down and it was pretty much the making of me.

"When I joined Wednesday I was aged 22, still very young. The club were struggling and it can sometimes be hard to play at Sheffield Wednesday when things aren’t going well because expectations are so high there – and rightly so.

"On my league debut at home to Charlton, Darren Purse was playing and every time he got the ball he was getting booed.

"The ref turned around and said “Don’t worry about it Pursey, don’t listen to them”. This was my first game, as a youngster and playing right-back. I’m thinking “What have I signed up for here!”.


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I saw him in the car park after one game, he'd not been picked in the squad.  He was basically stood around just looking a bit lost and down in the dumps, not unlike how he looked on the pitch.  I felt sorry for him just in that moment.  Wasn't long after that he was shipped out.  

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