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Broken record?

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I am more baffled by this by the week.

Now, in my days playing Saturdays and Sundays, we did some pre season work on both attacking and defending corners, and we might have a monthly session on it. But, most of the time it was in game adjustments, if we were undersized, we’d got zonal, if we were bigger, we’d go man for man and have someone spare just to attack the ball. You’d usually know after the first corner which approach works.

The point I’m getting at is that it is mystifying that a team at our level can seem in such disarray when a ball comes in from a corner or a free kick and that includes with height in there. You can semi excuse if you get done by a peach of a ball or some clever blocks and movement. But the amount of free headers we concede is horrible.

If we don’t get that right quickly, it will make promotion difficult.

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KM you're right in that we don't react well to in game adjustments and haven't done for several managers. 

We don't stick to the same plan every game so, to me, that says we play a few clips in training then work on how to defend against that team via what the analysis says. Our problem arises when the opposition then change in game and it always looks like half of our lot have stuck to the original plan and the other half are trying to match adapt to the oppos new play. 

Does that come from a lack of a real voice within the back? Someone actually taking a Sunday league approach and telling players who picks up who? 

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