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Jordan Storey on Wednesday

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He said: "I was pleased with how it went, just disappointed with how it ended.

"To get to the Play-Offs and lose, having missed out on automatics by a few points, it was gutting because there were a few games where we could've nicked three points. Overall, I was pleased with how we bounced back to get to the Play-Offs and it was a great experience - just a shame how it ended.

"The top half of the table was a good test, but it differed from top to bottom, quality wise. I think the biggest difference was probably the quality of some of the pitches in that league - some of them were truly shocking and so that was one of the big factors. There were quite a few teams who had a lot of quality and I was quite surprised at how good some of those were.

"It was a good test and just about playing games. I knew it was a big club and when you're there you probably don't realise just how big it is - to be getting 22 thousand for League One games is mental. Them and Sunderland were a cut above every other team in that regard. For their size, they probably shouldn't be in that league and hopefully this season they can get out of it."

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