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Can they help you?


As a club that prides itself on a vast and loyal fanbase, the Owls are looking to forge ties with Wednesday professionals to help expand our local and international business network.

We are privileged to have supporters who own and are part of extrmely successful businesses from all over the globe.


Therefore we are reaching out to all businesses with an Owls affinity to explore avenues of mutually beneficial support.

SWFC connects thousands of businesses at home and around the world, be that through regular Wednesdayites at Hillsborough or one of our many global corporate partners and clients.

And following the successful launch of Club Wednesday, we are now widening the net to offer support to a raft of organisations who can by return support our club.

We want to work with you to showcase your business, not only in Sheffield, but across the UK and around the world.

We are looking for your skills and expertise too, if you have products and services that you think would benefit the club, we are keen to hear from you.

We have the platforms to spread the message far and wide, with almost 1million followers across our dedicated social media channels, many of whom have many common interests in the business sector.

Perhaps you have the platforms too? Partnerships of longevity start out with firm foundations and together, we can help each other in a truly win-win relationship.

Please send in your contact details to commercial@swfc.co.uk – and thank you for your support.

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