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Seriously why should the country grind to a halt because of this. I kept fairly quiet when the Queen died out of a degree of respect.

However the monarchy, the constitution, the likes of the Privy Council are all designed to ensure we doff our caps as plebs whilst the Establishment take the power and the wealth that goes with it.

All those that spent the summer moaning about how Liz Truss could become PM, then spent Sept fawning over the pomp and circumstance of the State funeral and transition, did they not realise how the latter enabled the former FFS.

Time to put the monarchy out in a field somewhere

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I don’t see why the fixtures that weekend should be cancelled.  Unlike the funeral I’d be surprised if many world leaders attend. The security operation shouldn’t need to be on anything like the same scale.  

Anyway we should be aiming to have clinched automatic before that weekend.

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On 23/06/2022 at 17:24, JBO said:

Derby away will not be a 3pm on kick off that day as it clashes with the World Cup and it could be an England game


Same the following week at Exeter

Talking of Derby fixtures being moved, I notice this is still set for a 3pm kick off as it stands. A few games that day have already been pit back to Friday night or Saturday dinner time.

They are leaving it a bit late. They can't just wait and see if England end up playing the same time as it will be too late by then

I'd be at Derby either way but inconceivable to think the game would kick off the same time as an England World Cup knockout game 


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