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LA Liga officials getting their knickers in a knot

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This is La Liga using deflecting tactics as they've just lost a costly legal battle with the Spanish FA over 'extra games' outside of Spain. The FA blocked a La Liga motion to play Real Madrid Vs Barcelona in Miami. The FA then announced a partnership with the Saudis to play a top 4 end of season Super Cup. The partnership lasts until 2029. La Liga contested a conflict of interest over the fact that Gerard Pique's promotional company had secured the deal. 

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4 hours ago, HoylandOwl said:

Over PSG and Man City’s spending.


Parry will somehow find a way to jump on this.....twat is desperate for a seat at a top table somewhere....before the Championship PO final he was spouting shite about "levelling up" in the game in general....

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Perez was the driving force behind the ESL wasn’t he? That’s all you need to know.

I read that the TV deal in the premier league, the top 4 clubs all earn more than the whole of LaLiga combined in terms of the deal. And that’s not because the top 4 get paid, but down to the shit job that LaLiga, the SFA and the clubs did in negotiating. Especially over foreign rights.

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