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Bannan talks supporters …

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And more.


They don't deserve to be this league, to be honest," Bannan said. "When you are getting between 20 to 25,000 every single game - whether it is Tuesday night in the rain and stuff - that is not normal in this league. There's clubs in the Premier League who do not get that, so they don't deserve to be in this league."

on Sunderland’s fans.

To be fair, when we played the away leg at Sunderland, their fans were pretty much the same and don't deserve to be in this league. That's the biggest disappointment for me; that these fans go home disappointed and not get a day out at Wembley. But we have just got to apologise and hopefully next season, we can go one step bette

A second successive season in English football's third division is not what anyone associated with Sheffield Wednesday would have wanted, but that is now what faces the club, something which Bannan was full of regret about.

 "You cannot put into words, really. There's a million things going through your head. Just letting people down is the biggest thing for me - your family and whoever was in here. You have people watching at home as well and you have let them down.

It is hard to take and will hurt for a while. But what can you do, it's gone now and you must just get on with it. I will spend time with my family now and just pick myself up and come back fighting again next season."

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3 hours ago, MPB said:

....wouldn't begrudge him a move to a top end Championship side to be honest but if he wants to stay....fair play...

You'd have to find one who would want a 32 year old who has one good season in 7

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Don’t really want him to go and honestly don’t think he will. Few additions to this squad and we can win this league. I do think we need to have back up for bannan with a totally different style. Those tough away games against the smaller teams where they man mark him out the game require a different type of player/play. 

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