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Footy on Discovery+???

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Been in negotiations for a while, they did talk to the likes of DAZN as well before entering exclusive talks 

As it notes this brings together the combined rights of Eurosport and BT - the EPL will be delighted if they get them plus Amazon bidding up against Sky 

I do wonder with err alternative means and the cost of living issues how the subscription TV service will hold up in the next couple of years 



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13 minutes ago, holmesfield_owl said:

Yes, praying that irritating Matt Smith doesn't reappear again

One of my claims to fame occurred perhaps 20 years back. We were walking into St. Andrews for a game and I was concentrating on where the away turnstiles were. When I turned round my mate wasn't there. He was about thirty yards back, stood laughing.  Matt Smith had been doing a piece to camera and I'd just walked right through between them and not even noticed!   I was concentrating on what was important.  😁

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35 minutes ago, mkowlthesexynewversion said:

ITV 4 IIRC - not sure if Colin Murray is staying involved given he is off doing Countdown for a while from July 

I'd expect him to be.  At the end of the last league programme he went out of the way to praise all the staff behind the scenes.  Felt to me like he was carrying on and they weren't.  Might be the wrong way around, I suppose.

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